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T: 0808 175 7228 - FREEPHONE | E: | Entrust RFSA Ltd, PO Box 281, Wirral, CH29 9GS


My main priority is to help you reach your goals as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It must be cost-effective for you. By outsourcing work to me, you are buying yourself time to focus on the things you are most skilled at or even spending time with your loved ones.

You can focus on your most important tasks and leave the rest to me. Work smarter, not harder!

You might have a project for me, in which case, we would discuss exactly what that would entail and estimate the amount of work involved and come to agree on a flat fee for that project. Communication is key, and I am open to discussions about bigger projects that it might be better not to charge an hourly rate for.

I use Clockify to log all of my working hours and can send you reports for each job I do so you can see how much time I have spent on each task.

I charge £35 per hour.

If you purchase a retainer package for a minimum of 10 hours per month, then I will reduce the hourly rate to £32 per hour.

Of course, I would always have a chat with you about the work involved and quote you a price before you agree to any terms, so we would always be clear about what is expected on both sides before going ahead with anything.

I usually suggest that new clients just use me on an hourly basis at first as a trial run. Then when they have established that they are happy with my work, they tend to block book retainer packages depending on their anticipated workloads

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