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Steph and Jolene have been brilliant for my business. I have been able to “entrust” everything to them on cases once I have all the information. They have been quick, efficient and very professional on everything. Thank you for all your help and hard work!
JR Private Finance

I have used Stephanie’s company, Entrust, for a number of months now, and can say the help and service provided by Steph has been far more than I expected, and has greatly helped me through a rough patch I was having with the loss of an administrator; to the degree that I am happy to continue with Entrust in the future rather than employing a new administrator. I would highly recommend Entrust to anyone looking to lessen their admin load.
Allan Edwards Mortgages

Since I started using Steph/Entrust I can honestly say my business has started to flourish. I hate the burden of relentless admin and Steph does in 10 minutes what I may get round to after a day or so.  She not only frees up your time to write more business or even take some time off, she enhances your service which is key for referrals. On top of that she is a delight to work with, super responsive and always on hand. If you think about the cost it’s a pittance compared to the income you get from a case.
Sammon Mortgages

Steph is highly efficient and very well organised with a keen eye for detail and accuracy. I would recommend and endorse her work.
Peter Holt Limited

I found Stephanie to be very efficient, organised and pro-active. She isn’t afraid to make suggestions that will help us to work together more effectively. She is very transparent in the way she works which I feel is very important when working with a remote administrator. I feel she is very trustworthy and honest.
Charnock Mortgages

Since becoming DA, Steph has been a great help with ensuring our compliance file checks are both regular, but also independent and unbiased. Highly recommend. Steph is friendly and professional. It’s great to have her in our corner.
My Simple Mortgage

I was getting swamped by my admin and paperwork – the least favourite part of my role. Stephanie was unfazed when told she would have to pass certain network exams before she could carry out any work. It’s freed me up to spend more time on clients and their needs as well as allowing me to plan ahead.
Rushworth Financial Ltd

I have recently started working with Stephanie to outsource some of the administration within my business. I have found her to be diligent, pro-active and extremely responsive in all aspects of our work, and I would highly recommend her services.
Ben Street Mortgage Services Ltd

Stephanie and I started working together several weeks ago, and what a great resource Entrust has been during the recent market volatility! Enquiries were going through the roof, as were new application requests, with rapid action required to secure rates. Steph made it happen and allowed me to continue winning the business while she processed the applications. Highly recommend Entrust to growing mortgage businesses like Smartr Finance.

Smartr Finance

Fantastic 5* service! We will definitely continue to use Steph’s service, she has saved us so much time. Really impressed!
Solutions In Service Ltd

Steph’s help is immeasurable doing the jobs I struggle to find time for. Her work is quick, and most of all, accurate. I would not hesitate in recommending her.
Abacus Mortgage Protection Ltd

I block book Stephanie for 12 hours per month (3 hours a week) because I like to know I’m guaranteed to have her available to help me for at least that amount of time. She can get booked up fast depending on how many clients she has at any one time. She gets through a huge amount of work in a short amount of time and has been invaluable to my business.
Novo Insurance Ltd

Delegating tasks to Stephanie frees me up to spend time focusing on the bigger jobs I have to do that bring in the most money to my business. She is great at communicating with me. I love that she keeps me up to date with where she’s up to so I know if I’m coming close to running out of the hours I’ve booked her for.
Jennifer Ryan Consultancy Ltd

Planning my working week is so much easier now that I can pass some of my more time consuming tasks over to Steph. I had a big project that we negotiated a fair price on as an hourly rate wouldn’t really have worked for my purposes, and she absolutely smashed it! I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Perkins Innovations Ltd

Steph is super efficient! She pays close attention to detail and always gets the job done on time, We are extremely happy with her service and are going to book her on a retainer basis from now on.
RK Health & Fitness

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